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Born and raised in South Louisiana, Taylor received her BFA in Computer Art and Animation from the University of Louisiana in May of 2018. Currently, she resides in the DC/Maryland area as an MFA candidate in Projection Design at the University of Maryland. 


Artist Statement

I’ve dabbled in a few artforms throughout my life: drawing, painting, singing, songwriting, music, and acting. (I’ve tried dancing, but it didn’t work out too well). I’ve called myself a painter, an illustrator, and a musician. Recently I’ve added Projection Designer to my list. As I grow into myself, I realize that I don’t want to be a specific type of artist. I just want to be an artist. 

I seek to create experiences that send a jolt of energy through your spine and send you off with ideas and a vision for the future. My artwork is pleasing to the eye, but has strange twists and turns throughout. I feel that art does not have to be either beautiful or thoughtprovoking. I strive to create balance between those two qualities in my work. As a musician, singer, and actress, my visual work draws inspiration from other artforms. I find harmony and flow from music, energy and lyric from singing, and emotional depth from acting. My work thrives when well rounded.

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