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She Kills Monsters

by Qui Nguyen


Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, May 2020


Projection Designer

Digital Content Advisor


Originally directed by: Rachel Grossman

Digital Adaptation Directed by: Jared Mezzocchi and Lisa Nathans


Scenic Design: Mollie Singer

Lighting Design: Michael Winston

Costume Design: Kiana Vincenty

Sound Design: Tosin Olufabi


snapcode-SKM Tiamatpink.png

Try it yourself

Original Design: pre covid 19

Tiamat Rough edit

Home video #2

Home video #1

Home video #3

The Swamps of Mushy Test Render

Faerrah's Death Test Render

And then came covid 19...

We had to make a shift to digital

Kaliope Title Card

Lilith Title Card

Tillius Title Card

...and then a change of directors...


The FInal Product

Tiamat lives

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